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I absolutely can’t believe we’re (more than) halfway through 2014 already, especially because I so intensely wished summer would hurry the eff up and get here, but now fall is in sight and I’m like CAN WE ALL JUST STOP AND CHILL OUT FOR A SECOND?

The worst thing about being halfway through 2014 – other than being only a couple of months away from needing to wear a coat, which are all crammed in a box in your building’s basement because you have no storage in your actual apartment – is that it’s a reminder that your life should be exponentially different than it was on January 1. Better, in fact, because you should have been keeping up with your New Year’s resolution to do something really great or healthy or productive or important or memorable.

This year, I vowed (to myself, of course, because accountability can be a real bitch) to be a better writer. Not only to write more, but write more about things that are important to me.

And that’s where xoJane.com comes in, because I freaking love that site and all I’ve ever wanted was to be a contributor … I just never tried until now.

hollies xojane article

So even though I’m not technically a regular contributor (yet) and just have two published stories on the site (so far), I feel pretty empowered. I even have my own author page, which is probably not that big of a deal, but it feels HUGE in my little life.

Sure, I may have eaten more cheeseburgers this year than I vowed, my gym membership is woefully underused, and my novel is still just a half-assed outline that’s been stored on my Google Drive for more months than I’m comfortable admitting, but this is at least a baby step in the right direction.

So tell me, dear readers – what the hell have you been up to this year? Planning on resurrecting any New Year’s resolutions, or will you keep on doin’ whatever it is you’re doing until 2015 rolls around?


And PS, if you’re kind of like me, it’s easy to forget what you’re doing (and where you’ve been) when life moves so fast. I recommend this One Line a Day Five-Year Memory Book/journal hybrid, both for yourself and for your friends because it’s a really kick-ass gift that reminds you of great memories AND shows you just how far you’ve come.

One-Line-A-DayPhoto via Holiday Helpings, and you really must buy it now and start recording all your life events.

I’m telling ya, when I remember to write in it, it’s positively cathartic. Guess it’s time I dig it out of the moving boxes, huh?

  • http://www.26andnotcounting.com/ Jessica

    Girl, that’s totally awesome – I would be telling everyone and their brother. You little rock star, you!

    26 and Not Counting

  • http://www.26andnotcounting.com/ Jessica

    p/s I tried to follow you on Twitter, but the link on your page doesn’t open for me (it could be my browser!) My username is @26NotCounting

  • http://www.awanderingwallflower.blogspot.com Caitlin Elizabeth

    Having your own author page is a big deal! Congratulations!

  • http://letsjustbuildahouse.blogspot.com LetsJustBuildaHouse

    I’m so proud of you bb. You are Trina & Hollie’s 2004 JOU 101 IDOL. Really though.

    I didn’t really make any resolutions other than take better care of my skin this year…and I still forget to wash my face 3/7 days a week. But I’ve been staying out of the sun (SPRAY TANS HOLLA) and throwing moisturizer on like it’s my job. So, not too bad I suppose.

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