An ode to Black Bull’s Tabla Mixta, AKA the greatest thing to consume on a date (or, you know, alone)

If you live in Chicago, you know that Division Street in Wicker Park is the greatest place to do basically anything you can imagine.

• Want to eat a delicious sandwich? Go to Jerry’s.

• Want to go to a dive bar that has live music AND a basketball court/beer garden out back, which is totally cool because there’s nothing better than drinking and playing H-O-R-S-E? Go to Phyllis’ Musical Inn.

• Want to buy your pregnant friends the cutest things, because ALL your friends are pregnant? Sprout Kids is the shit.

• Looking for a sick beer list and some kick-ass karaoke? Obviously you’re going to go to Bangers & Lace, then cross the street to Bob San karaoke, where you will stay until they turn on the lights and kick you out at 2 a.m.

But. BUT. I have to tell you guys that I have discovered the greatest thing to eat on Division Street and in the entire city of Chicago, and it’s perfect to order on a date or with friends. Or alone, because more deliciousness for you, you lucky duck.

The Tabla Mixta from Black Bull. Apparently Black Bull is also home to a speakeasy that needs a password to access (James may have been pulling my leg, so let’s go with it), but I will never go because I can’t get over the Tabla Mixta for long enough to go upstairs.



What you’re seeing here is jamon serrano, chorizo, salchichon, olives, fruit, bread and spanish cheese with sprigs of rosemary that are literally LIT ON FIRE with a torch.

Pardon me while I hold myself back from licking my computer screen.

It’s best to devour this meat and cheese board with a pitcher of Black Bull’s homemade sangria or an entire bottle of Nabucco Spanish red. In my opinion, it’s best to not limit yourself in this department – Bob San karaoke is less than a block away, bull tapas division street chicagoImage via Black Bull Chicago – picture those walls open in the summertime, because IT IS REALLY CHARMING.

Anybody out there been to Black Bull? More importantly, any Tabla Mixta-lovers in the house? Share your favorite Division Street hot spots, too!

  • Gold Coast Girl

    This place looks great! I will have to check it out :-)

  • Caitlin Elizabeth

    I haven’t been to Wicker Park yet but I’ve been meaning to go! A speakeasy that needs a password to go in and food that gets lit on fire? I think I know the first place I’m checking out!