Guest post: Elizabeth from Adrian James & her bitchy resting face

“Are you OK?”

“Wait, what happened?”

You guys…nothing happened. My face falls that way. And apparently that’s a problem. A super serious one. What’s it called? Resting Bitch Face, or RBF as I like to oh-so-scientifically call it. Suffering from this “dilemma” means that unbeknownst to me, about 9 times out of 10, while it may all be rainbows & unicorns in my head, the outside world thinks one one or all of the below:

a) I’m intensely suffering

b) I’m pre-menstrual

c) My friend just gave away the ending of Scandal’s mid-season winter finale

d) I just got charged $200 for a .7 mile Uber rideelizabeth adrian james brfImage via Adrian James

I thought I was in a small majority of people who regularly put forth negative vibes into the world with their facial expressions. According to me, my posse of “no f#@%s given” consisted of myself, Mona Lisa, Kristen Stewart & the late night pizza delivery guy in college. Oh, how wrong I was. More recently, increased AWARENESS has shed light on the RBF & in turn more & more RBFers have turned up. I mean, an entire episode of Below Deck focused on the DRAMZ that Kate’s bitchy face stirred up. Mo’ RBF = less $, mo’ probz for yachties apparently.

Since I can remember I’ve been rocking my RBF. Check out my 7th birthday video. Well, how could you really, but I’m telling you, it was present. My mom has a picture on her wall of me throwing shade. I’ve found out from now friends that they were afraid of me at first. Really? Most recently, I came across a picture from a certain blogging event & almost shrieked in both horror & hilarity at my RBF. #YOLO

Seriously though, I’ve tried to walk around with a perma grin & it’s just not natural & really no fun; plus, I sort of look serial-killeresque. I have definitely (especially after aforementioned blogger picture), made it a daily practice to be present & try not to be so harsh looking all the time. I’ve found that often, the root of this is stress & being inside my own head. I don’t know, maybe I should just smile for pictures?

As females, society places expectations for women to be happy/smiley/laughy all the time & a large majority just don’t naturally exude this effervescent quality in the form of facial expressions. Without a smile, many just jump to the conclusion that the person is, like, sooo bitchy. I wanted to let everyone know I am sooo NOT bitchy; I am happy, kooky, weird, silly, clumsy & yes … sometimes angry. But you’ll have to look past my RBF to find out.

Enough about my face. How self-centered of me. What do you guys think? Should we embrace the face or do RBFers need to turn that frown upside down?

Be sure to check out Elizabeth’s blog, Adrian James, and holler at her on Twitter and Instagram, too.

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