I’M FAMOUS (not really at all, but kind of)

I’m featured on the PrettyQuick blog today, and so are my five FAVORITE (read: life-changing and not entirely budget-breaking) products.

hollie prettyquick feature

Click here to read all about it, including some of my favorite non-beauty things, sans these super-sophisticated cat graphics. Just gotta keep some things under wraps, right?

Hollie favorite beauty productsLet me know your favorite always-gotta-stock-up-on-‘em beauty products, PLEASE. I’m begging you. Bonus points if I can get them at my local drugstore or Target. Also pretty obsessed with Sephora, since I can return stuff that doesn’t work for me AFTER I try it.

Any recommendations?


  • http://www.sincerelyjennie.com/ SincerelyJennie

    I love PrettyQuick and seeing you on the site! Congrats!

    • http://www.fancykins.com/ Hollie

      Thanks, Jennie! You are so sweet :) Let’s try to get together this spring for a drink outside after work or something!

  • http://www.walkingdotphotography.com/ Walking Dot Photography

    Aw, fun interview! Congrats! :)

    • http://www.fancykins.com/ Hollie

      Giedrė, THANK YOU! Also, I love your work – your photos are incredible!

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