SURPRISE! We’re busting out the sledgehammers (again)

Things have been a little quiet in this little corner of the internet, right? And remember how I said I was going to post a bunch of pictures and updates about our home renovation, but then I never did?

Well, I have a pretty good reason: We’re under construction … again. As it turns out, having a baby means your living space gets taken over by baby stuff, and the lack of closets in your vintage two-flat turns out to be way (WAY) more maddening than you anticipated.

more renovation living room

And so we’re doing something about it. We’re renovating! Like, TOTAL RENOVATION. Goodbye two-flat, hello single-family home.

Details to come, because we’re already back to living out of boxes amid layers and layers of construction dust. I mean, I’m writing this post on my computer atop an actual cardboard box, which – considering I was doing this exact same thing a mere six months ago – does feel a little like home.

Will the renovation ever end? Does this mean we’ll (someday) stop tripping over baby crap in the middle of the night? Will we ever have a real closet again? Stay tuned … and send lots of good juju. It ain’t easy living without a kitchen, especially when it comes to making bottles for a crying baby at 4 a.m., ya dig?

4 - 2nd floor dining

What’s new with you guys these days, hmm?