30 for 30

UPDATE! It’s been a year since I made this list – I am officially, officially in my 30s, y’all – and I didn’t quite accomplish everything on here. So you know what that means? A 31 for 31 is coming soon … after I update this list and clean this baby puke off of me, of course.



On my 30th birthday, Feb. 27, 2015,  I made this list of 30 things I’d like to do or accomplish in the next year – the first within a remarkably more adult-sounding age bracket. And because I’m notorious for starting huge projects and getting lazy halfway through (ahem, fitness challenge), I figured I’d put this up here in the navigation bar to keep me accountable.

As I make strides toward these goals and encounter challenges, I’ll update this page accordingly. Check back to see how I fare and, of course, how the cat diet goes (see No. 5 on list).

Hollie’s 30 for 30

1. Go back to Hawaii. When James and I were in Vegas for Valentine’s Day, I cried in the middle of Fremont Street because I missed Hawaii so much. So I mean …

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2. Buy a home. Step one being, of course, find a home that fits our criteria. Harder than it seems, believe me.

3. Be  a better wife. Sometimes I’m a major snot, and I’m sorry.

4. Make time for family. I’m not the best sister or daughter, mostly because I’m selfish with my time. I’d like to knock that crap off immediately.

5. Follow through on coffee date promises. If we throw out the whole “Hey, let’s meet for coffee” thing, let’s actually meet up and drink some damn coffee.

6. Put my cat on a diet. I’m lazy, and it’s really easy to set out overflowing food bowls. Also, she’s fat. :(

7. Stop putting myself on worthless diets. Newsflash: They don’t work, and it only took me 30 years to figure it out.

8. Save at least $500 a month. The key here is to actually save the money, not save it for a week then transfer into my checking account.

9. Curb my complaints.

10. Cut ties with people who don’t contribute to my happiness. They’re bitches. Just kidding! But really.

11. Get a passport.

12. Focus on philanthropy. I joined the Junior League for a reason, and I’d like to focus less on on social events and dinner dates and more on what matters.

13. Work toward a leadership position within the Junior League. This might not be something I get this year (or even the next), but I’d like to toss my name in the hat … someday.

14. Bring my lunches to work.

15. Blog four (maybe five) times a week. I’ve averaged 2.5 posts a week in this blog’s eight-month run, so let’s dream big.

16. Stop sleeping in my makeup. I’m an adult. It shouldn’t be this hard.

17. Create an address spreadsheet. You know those friends who send you cards for everything – birthday, new job, just because – and you love them for it? I want to be that friend.

18. Revive my years-old YouTube page.

19. Offer more blog giveaways. You can stay in the know by liking the brand-new Fancykins Facebook page here.

20. Closet overhaul. Why am I keeping clothes that used to fit me in college? I don’t know either.

21. Become a better storyteller.

22. Learn how to use our DSLR.

23. Eat dinner at Alinea. I can’t guarantee I will like everything in front of me, but I just really want to meet Grant Achatz.

24. Cook more.

25. Stop wasting my gym membership.

26. Spend my free time doing whatever makes me happy.

27. Get very cool tattoo I’ve been talking about for more than a year. It’s time, and my arm is ready.

28. Write what I love. This includes everything from freelance articles to guest blog posts, NaNoWriMo and various writing contests – I want to do it all.

29. Journal in my line-a-day book more often.

30. Take self-defense class. Kick major ass.