About Me

I’m Hollie, and welcome to my site, Fancykins.

Fancykins is a lot of things – a lifestyle blog, an evolving writing prompt, a made-up word I use way too often – but most importantly, it’s my outlet. So, consider yourself warned: Amid posts about my favorite Wicker Park hot spots and how to negotiate estate sale prices, you’re going to read a lot of personal shit.

You’re going to see cat pictures. You’re going to see kitchen disasters. You’re going to see pictures of the bearded man I love and read about our adventures traveling the country and, hopefully someday, the world.

You’re also going to read about living in Chicago on a budget, because I’m a real-life writer and I actually do make about $1 a day (before taxes, of course).

hollie fancykins about me 2Me in a nutshell (blue nails and all)

Thanks for stopping by my rambling little corner of the internet! If you have questions, feedback, or just want to hang out, email me at fancykinsblog@gmail.com or find me on Twitter and Instagram.