Enough baby talk, let’s chat about these super-duper-cute futons instead

I’ll admit, when Trina told me about these really freaking cute futons she found at Walmart, I was apprehensive. I don’t love Walmart. I don’t even really love futons. But thanks to small-space living in our new digs (which I promise to take pictures of, because WE ARE ALL MOVED IN AND IT IS GLORIOUS), my curiosity won and I had to check these puppies out for myself.

And OMG, you guys. Now I want them. BOTH OF THEM.

First we have this 9 by Novogratz Vintage Tufted Sofa Sleeper. Costs $349, comes in this navy color, burgundy and gray, and IS VELOUR. My love for velour can be traced directly back to the knockoff Juicy Couture and J.Lo velour tracksuits I insisted on wearing in the mid-2000s, and now, this futon.fancykins walmart futon 1

fancykins walmart futon 1.5

And for your mid-century modern lovers (ME ME ME ME ME), check out this 9 By Novogratz Vintage Linen Mix Futon. Costs $399 and comes in this gray or teal, which are both entirely too good to be true.

fancykins walmart futon 2 fancykins walmart futon 2.5OK, so they’re probably not the best quality pieces you could find, but you have to admit that they are darling. And, when put in just the right tiny apartment (ahem, mine), they’d make a great spot for couch-surfers and babysitters to crash …

… Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know I said I’d hold off on the baby talk, but I’m 41 weeks pregnant. CAN YOU BLAME ME?

Friday NEWSFLASH: Lots of cool shit happening

I’ve been incredibly MIA this week, but for good reason. Remember that teaser I posted that had something to do with our house hunt?

Well …




It’s also affected my ability to think about anything other than home renovation plans, sadly, hence the lack of posts.
this is what I've been doing latelyHere’s an old, unrelated picture of Cha Cha not giving a crap if you’re on deadline and glued to your computer.

I’m still short on deets (and pictures) until we close, but the building is a two-flat, meaning it’s two stories with an apartment unit on each floor, built in 1895-ish. We’re talking total fixer-upper – a gut rehab, really.

We’re gonna knock down walls. We’re gonna restore the shit out of the original hardwood floors and built-ins. We’re gonna bring some life back into the house and make it a really kick-ass home we can stay in and (maybe) renovate into a single-family home down the road.




We’re moving again … maybe?

You may remember that one of my recent goals is to buy a home with James, and despite the fact that I wrote the list just one month ago, WE’VE STARTED LOOKING AT HOUSES. OK, so we haven’t found a perfect place quite yet, and yeah, the process is certainly harder and more exhausting than either of us imagined, but it’s started. And it’s pretty much blowing my mind that a mortgage will be cheaper than our RENT.

But before we have to dig out the packing materials and hire movers – something I will never NOT do for at least a billion reasons – here’s a little info about the process and what exactly we’re looking for.

ukrainian village landmark districtThis is where we want to live, thanks bye. Image via Flickr.

How did we decide it was time to buy?

James and I don’t remember when we decided to elope, and the same can be said for deciding it was time to look into buying a place. All I know is that my credit score wasn’t quite as bad as I imagined (if you’re afraid of checking yours, just bite the bullet and do it) and houses in our preferred neighborhoods are way more expensive than I imagined. I seriously feel like a living episode of Property Virgins, when the gal takes the couple to a mansion-lined street and they learn that the houses are $500,000 more than their budget and then they cry about it.

Where are we looking?

Despite the fact that the Hollie of yesteryear swore to never live off the Red Line – seriously, what was I thinking – I fell in love with Wicker Park livin’ and the Blue Line commute. We currently rent in the landmark district, and while it would be nice to find a historic place in our ‘hood within our budget, it’s probably not going to happen.

That leaves us with a few options. We could stay in the area known as West Town – which includes Wicker Park, Bucktown, Ukrainian Village – and cross our fingers that a charming fixer-upper comes on the market before our current lease is up, OR we could broaden our horizons and move to a north-side ‘hood like Lincoln Square or Ravenswood. I am being very hard-headed about this, I think.

What are we looking for?

Something with closets! Just kidding, but really. James and I need space, which is why we started the search looking for three-bedroom condos in small-ish buildings on quiet streets. BUT. Then we saw a great two-flat fixer-upper for sale in historic Ukrainian Village, and we think it would be pretty cool to own a multi-unit building and be landlords with the option to renovate down the road. IS THAT CRAZY? I think so. But it’s also not at all yet decided upon.

Are we working with an agent?

We found our agent on Angie’s List, and it’s a total fluke that he personally owns a two-flat building and recently renovated into a duplex-down. We need a lot of hand-holding, so this was a good decision for us.

Have we seen anything we like?

The very first place we found and liked – a three-bedroom condo that potentially spurred the home search – was listed and under contract in a matter of two days. Then, the aforementioned two-flat fixer-upper in historic Ukrainian Village, which had been on and off the market for a year, went under contract DAYS after we saw it and fell in love with it. I cried about it, because I’m an adult.

What happens if we don’t find a place by the time our lease is up?

That’s a great question that we don’t have the answer to. Our lease is up this July 1, so I guess we’ll worry about that when we get there.

And there you have it. Any house-hunting tips to share with the class, Chicago or beyond?


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