If you send flowers this week (hint, hint), check out Flowers for Dreams

When my dear friend Lindsey dragged me all the way out to industrial West Town IN HEELS, I hoped it was for good reason. Free flowers, she promised. Free flowers that I would totally LOVE, she promised.

(Back story: Lindsey and I met working for a local wedding planner, so we know enough about flowers to be simultaneously picky and greedy. And when she tells me a florist is good, I know enough to trust her.)

flowers for dreams 3Spoiler alert: My mini bouquet was SO MUCH BETTER THAN I COULD HAVE IMAGINED. Just LOOK AT IT.

So when we arrived at the Flowers for Dreams HQ – a relatively unremarkable industrial, warehouse-style building amid other unremarkable industrial, warehouse-style buildings on Hubbard – I wondered if the trek in heels was worth it for a free mini bouquet.

And then I saw the workers, all friendly and tattooed and grooving to a live, in-house DJ set. The flowers, each individually wrapped in burlap squares and tied with raffia bows, were darling. Everything was so twee and perfect, it was like Pinterest came to life and exploded everywhere. In a GOOD way, though.

Naturally, Lindsey and I had a mini bouquet photoshoot, because that’s just the type of gals we are:

flowers for dreams 2flowers for dreams 1

Flowers for Dreams is more than kick-ass (free) mini bouquets, though. It’s a full flower delivery service that delivers locally sourced bouquets, starting at just $35 each, ON BIKES. If that’s not enough to give you a bunch o’ warm-fuzzies, Flowers for Dreams donates 1/4 of its net profits to local charities – to date, they’ve raised nearly $58,000 for local causes.


Check out their site for deets about their monthly flower subscription service (so much cooler than Birchbox, really), special event florals, and, yeah, those biker-delivered bouquets.

Follow Flowers for Dreams on social media (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter) to find out when their next FREE FLOWER FRIDAY will be held. You are going to want to journey out to West Town for this, trust me.

free flower friday - flowers for dreams

flowers for dreams 5

OMG! A holiday gift basket GIVEAWAY!

I’m so glad you’re here, because this post is going to BLOW YOUR MINDS.

Remember last week when I told you I was getting ready to do some  sort of giveaway, but I remained mysterious and then got married and didn’t tell any of you what the heck I was talking about? Well today’s the day. Giveaway day!

The gals at Fancy Nancista and Adrian James (you guys already know Elizabeth, so you know this is gonna be good) rounded up 30 Chicago bloggers to participate in a mega giveaway full of items we LOVE this holiday season. The items were then divided into three gift baskets that you can enter to win STARTING TODAY.

Enough yammering. Let’s get to the goods, shall we?

holiday basket 1

For my gift basket contribution, I chose something I’ve always wanted to try, but never had the gumption to actually create: A DIY Terrarium Kit from Darby Smart, because I love terrariums and they generally cost a billion dollars when you buy them pre-assembled at chic little shops.

(Also, have you ever tried to ship a pre-assembled terrarium to a giveaway winner? I haven’t, but I assume it would be a big ol’ mess.)

terrarium 2 terrarium 1

The kit includes everything you need to create this oh-so-hip accessory, including the glass vessel, white gravel, an air plant and reindeer moss. The best part? You can throw other knickknacks in there, too, and it instantly becomes the coolest DIY project in your entire apartment.

So what else is in this basket, which – by the way – has a retail value of $250? (I KNOW RIGHT.)

1) Zara light blue scarf from Fancy Nancista
2) Vans infinity scarf from Style by Joules
3) Kate Spade bow stud earrings from Rachelle Smiles
4) RuME Shop Crossbody Tabbag from Erica Finds
5) $25 gift card to Crossroads Trading Company from Belle Meets World
6) Adult Hed Banz gameJazz and ’90s CD & party invitations from Debbie Donato
7) Sephora glossylip pencils set from 101 Things I Love
8) Toms for Target notebook set & wishbone ornament [ via  Foursided Boutique ] from JLa-Di-Da
9) Garance Doré 2015 Les Femmes Calendar from B Chic B Glamorous

holiday basket 3

Entering this contest is a breeze – use the Rafflecopter below for to 11 entries, and don’t forget to share on social media using #WCBCHolidayGiveaway. Santa is watching, after all.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Remember, there are TWO other baskets up for grabs, so be sure to visit these participating blogs and enter. The more blogs you check out, the more entries you gain, so what the heck are you waiting for?

Adrian James // Loop Looks // The F Bombs // Hallways Are My Runways // Gold Coast Girl // An Eventful Life  // Try It On Me // Sportsanista // Feline Creatures  // Grace in Style // Little Black Blog // Tomatoes for Cucumbers // 30s and Chic // Wear and Why // The Kittchen  // The Trendy Sparrow // The Around The Way // A Squared // Cucina Kristina

I’m so, so excited to participate in this and can’t wait to hear what you all think. So tell me, what’s your favorite gift in this basket? And have YOU ever tried to make a DIY terrarium?

Step 1, Sign up for PrettyQuick. Step 2, Get a free manicure. Step 3, Get your freak on, girl.

Update: I’m aware that this post reads kind of like a sponsored post, but it’s not. PrettyQuick‘s just cool as hell and they’re offering all you kick-ass people $15 free credit to use toward a fierce manicure, waxing appointment, or whatever beauty treatment tickles your fancy. Read on to the bottom of the post for all the deets, because who the heck doesn’t like a freebie?

pretty quick 2pretty quick 3Photo from the PrettyQuick launch party by Nancy at Fancy Nancista – can you spot my hand?

I’ve written about how much my nails suck and why I love no-chip manicures but can’t afford them all the time, and that’s still pretty true (save for special occasions and weeks I miraculously have a few extra bucks in my account). But my eyebrows aren’t something I can slack on very often, because like the hair on my head, they are super curly and grow in places they have no business being. Like the SIDE OF MY FACE.

I visit my eyebrow waxer so often, she’s basically a friend at this point and we hug after every single appointment. And as someone who’s had her eyelid skin burned from too-hot wax more times than she’d like to admit, I’m willing to pay more for an experience I know will leave me unburned and looking fly. And, yeah, without eyebrows on the SIDE OF MY FACE.

Enter PrettyQuick, which is an app that not only lets me instantly book appointments at the brow waxing joint down the street in about two seconds, but also gives me $15 free credit for every eight appointments I book. My favorite salons don’t normally offer any sort of loyalty programs, so it’s a nice feeling to get something back after the billions of dollars I’ve spent to rip hair out for the sake of beauty. pretty quick 4

OK, now onto the good stuff – freebies!

If you sign up for PrettyQuick using THIS CODE, you’ll get $15 in your account immediately, which is especially great if you’re broke like me. And do you know what that $15 can buy you?

• A free manicure from any of the hundreds of salons on PrettyQuick.
• A huge discount on a $20 eyebrow wax, because burned eyelids & unibrows suck.
• A super-chill massage after a shit-tastic week at work where every day feels like Monday.
• A hair or makeup session for the sole purpose of treating yo-self, because life’s too short to NOT do that every once in a while (especially when it’s discounted).

So what are you waiting for, friends? Sign up online using THIS CODE, get dat free credit, live it up. I only ask that if you go to a salon that serves free champagne, you invite me. Deal?

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