See ya later, Fancykins

Shit’s going down, and it starts with this here blog.



If I’m being honest, I haven’t been feeling Fancykins in quite a while – the name just didn’t really fit my needs anymore. And, if I’m being BRUTALLY honest, I don’t know if it fit my needs ever.

But I still want to write, here on the blog and everywhere else. I crave it. I’ve stayed away from Fancykins because I couldn’t jive with the name and the scattered themes, and it’s sucked.

And so I’m changing it. Changing everything, really. I’ve already started with my TwitterInstagram and Pinterest accounts, and this blog is next on the ticket.

Follow along on social & stay tuned!

Enough with the ‘Dad Bod’ praise, please

The day my co-workers and I caught wind of Dad Bods, the Gchat windows that lined the bottom of my computer screen lit up like a Christmas tree. The whole idea made us LOL (or at least frantically type that much) … until we actually thought about it.

Suddenly, it wasn’t quite so funny.

dad bod

I mean, how is this: “We want to look skinny and the bigger the guy, the smaller we feel and the better we look next to you in a picture,” even remotely OK? A COLLEGE SOPHOMORE WROTE THIS. This is someone’s actual thought process, and it runs so much deeper than the funny memes and beer-slugging the goofy term has spurred.

Guys like Seth Rogen, Vince Vaughn, and “Parks and Rec”-era Chris Pratt are leading men and heartthrobs, celebrated for having a bit of extra weight on their bones. But what about the non-celebrated Mom Bods? Or, you know, women’s bodies after they totally GROW AND BIRTH A HUMAN.

The difference is stark and sexist. Dads, you’re cool to drink beer and eat pizza, and the end result is a bod that’s not just AS bangin’ as before, but EVEN BETTER. When will it be socially acceptable for women to do the same? We want to eat pizza and drink beer and be patted on the back for it, too … don’t we? Or is life just one big race to pop out a few kids, lose every ounce of baby weight, and spend our lives drinking Skinny Girl-brand drinks – which, I’m sorry, are not that great – and counting calories?

Guh-ross. And unfair. And, sadly, unsurprising.

What do you guys think about this Dad Bod trend? Funny and harmless, or so much more dangerous than we realize?

So, I have a Facebook page …

For a long time, I swore I wouldn’t make a Fancykins Facebook page. This was partially because I’m not the greatest Facebooker – I can’t tell you the last time I posted a photo or penned a status update – but also because it’s kind of nice to ditch social media promo and do nothing but write blog posts.

And so I wrote, and you guys have been so kind to read (and comment on) my blatherings. But the idea of making a Facebook still festered in the back of my mind, because life’s not hectic enough without throwing another social media channel in the mix.

fancykins is on FB

So, despite my initial hesitation, I made a Fancykins Facebook page, which I hope you’ll take a minute to like. It’s in its infancy, so posts are few and far between, but let me bribe you with one something that will (hopefully) make you forget about a lack of posts:


I’m talkin’ about Facebook giveaways, which I see (and regularly enter) from a lot of other bloggers. They’re easy and I don’t have to do a billion things on a Rafflecoptor to enter, so what’s stopping me from offering cool swag to you cool kids?

↓ Click this, and it does all the hard work for you.

This spring is going to be bananas over in Fancykins land, and I have a lot of good intentions that will (hopefully) come to fruition. Some kind of new layout, some kind of new design, some kind of new content … you know the drill. So click that blue button, like the Facebook page, and stay in the know. Please?

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