Here’s a sneak peek of Wilder’s nursery

Hey, remember when this blog was more about decorating an apartment than having a baby? Yeah … those were the days. We’ll get back to design stuff soon enough – I still have to post about our actual FINISHED house, for crying out loud – but in the meantime, let’s combine furnishings and babying and do a little nursery preview, shall we?

fancykins nursery preview 1 (2)And what good is a baby-related post without a picture of a squirmy, cooing baby wearing a sweater outfit?

Note to self (and anyone else considering putting their child in a sweater outfit): The cuteness does not make up for the fact that the buttons take FOR-EVER during a diaper change. Especially when the baby is furiously kicking his legs. And screaming.

fancykins nursery preview 4

fancykins nursery preview 2 fancykins nursery preview 5 fancykins nursery preview 6 fancykins nursery preview 7 fancykins nursery preview 3fancykins nursery preview 8 (1)All the details – including before and after pictures, paint colors and a bunch of teeny, tiny baby things that are heart-stoppingly cute – coming soon, but for now, Wilder and I are putting our Baby K’Tan carrier to good use and ACTUALLY LEAVING THE HOUSE. After being so cooped up for so long, this is a really huge deal. Fingers crossed he doesn’t scream his head off or spit up all over me, both of which are totally possible … and horrifying.


Enough baby talk, let’s chat about these super-duper-cute futons instead

I’ll admit, when Trina told me about these really freaking cute futons she found at Walmart, I was apprehensive. I don’t love Walmart. I don’t even really love futons. But thanks to small-space living in our new digs (which I promise to take pictures of, because WE ARE ALL MOVED IN AND IT IS GLORIOUS), my curiosity won and I had to check these puppies out for myself.

And OMG, you guys. Now I want them. BOTH OF THEM.

First we have this 9 by Novogratz Vintage Tufted Sofa Sleeper. Costs $349, comes in this navy color, burgundy and gray, and IS VELOUR. My love for velour can be traced directly back to the knockoff Juicy Couture and J.Lo velour tracksuits I insisted on wearing in the mid-2000s, and now, this futon.fancykins walmart futon 1

fancykins walmart futon 1.5

And for your mid-century modern lovers (ME ME ME ME ME), check out this 9 By Novogratz Vintage Linen Mix Futon. Costs $399 and comes in this gray or teal, which are both entirely too good to be true.

fancykins walmart futon 2 fancykins walmart futon 2.5OK, so they’re probably not the best quality pieces you could find, but you have to admit that they are darling. And, when put in just the right tiny apartment (ahem, mine), they’d make a great spot for couch-surfers and babysitters to crash …

… Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know I said I’d hold off on the baby talk, but I’m 41 weeks pregnant. CAN YOU BLAME ME?

Here’s a studio apartment that will make you want to move in immediately

Photos in this post are courtesy of Homepolish – interior design startup that offers hourly design services in 15 U.S. cities – and designer Will Saks. Stay tuned for more Homepolish tips and makeovers, including one with yours truly on her quest to (always) find more closet space and storage.


The tagline of this blog (for now, anyway) is “Design, style and living in small spaces and beyond,” but I’ll admit, the small-space posts are lacking and I’m sorry ’bout it.

This isn’t because I suddenly moved into a giant apartment and my storage woes are over – my place still has one closet, unfortunately – but just because I’m hard-pressed to find small-space inspiration and tips that really excite me … UNTIL NOW.

Take a gander at writer Geraldine Campbell‘s Brooklyn apartment, which can (almost entirely) be captured in these two photos:


But just because it’s teensy (kitchen, office, dining room, living room, bedroom all visible at all times) doesn’t mean it’s not absolutely bursting with kick-ass finds and inspiration. Like those rugs. I am LIVING for those rugs, and don’t even get me started on that sofa – a hand-me-down from Geraldine’s parents.

And, let’s be real, I have a special place in my heart for tiny apartments, as my first place post-breakup was so small I could sit in bed and touch my kitchen table AT THE SAME TIME.

But enough of my yammering and trips down memory lane. Let’s let the photos (and Geraldine’s commentary) do the work.

DSC_7607 DSC_7595See that fluffy, grass-looking plant? It’s a variety of Dianthus known as Green Trick, and it is SO NEAT. Looks stellar in wedding bouquets, too!
DSC_7558From Geraldine: “Will helped me decide what to hold onto (the crazy circa 1978 sofa I inherited from my parents? Definitely a keeper) and what to get rid of. I traded a sturdy wood coffee table for a glass one I found on Craigslist. Add a bit of bronze spray paint and voila!—my living space suddenly felt lighter and brighter.”

DSC_7532“Due to my budget (somewhere between teeny tiny and tiny), I knew I wouldn’t be able to buy a lot of new furniture—but I did splurge on a wood-and-marble desk from Crate & Barrel … As a freelance writer, establishing a dedicated office space within the open layout of my studio was my top priority, so the purchase felt like a good one (and it got the thumbs up from Will).

“The finishing touches were all him: Throw pillows to update the rather stuffy antique armchair, a brass-framed mirror to make my living room feel bigger, and gallery walls that made use of my existing artwork and photographs. In the end, I have an apartment that serves an office when I need it to, but mostly it feels like home.”

DSC_7703 DSC_7727 DSC_7625 DSC_7658

And there you have it – a studio apartment that makes me want to get rid of my multi-bedroom digs and move right in.

What do you guys think? What are your favorite parts of Geraldine’s apartment, and what do you wish you had in your places?

Photos courtesy of Claire Esparros for Homepolish. This post is not sponsored, and all opinions expressed are my own. I really do want to live in this apartment.

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