Friday Fave: I cannot stop obsessing about ‘Serial’

I have been OMG SO LAZY this week, and we’ll just blame it on the cold weather and the fact that I know nothing I write will compare to my other two posts this week (wedding crap and a kick-ass holiday giveaway, obviously).

Oh, and we’ll also blame it on the fact that I can do nothing but listen to the “Serial” and discuss theories with my co-workers, and when I’m not doing that, I’m Googling everything about it. Basically, I fancy myself a detective now, and I’m pretty hell-bent on solving this 15-year-old crime with the help of  1.5 million other listeners raging fanatics.

So in the spirit of that one other time I ditched a Friday five post in favor of a Friday fave, here’s another one, only this time I’m so obsessed, I’m not even sorry.


I think the most shocking thing about “Serial” – which is a podcast by the creators of “This American Life” – is that some people haven’t heard of it, or they’ve heard about it and choose to not get sucked into the madness. A new episode is released every Thursday, so it’s similar to any any other addictive TV show, only you don’t watch it, obviously, because it’s a podcast. Sitting in the living room and listening to it feels very old-timey, like I should be in the 1940s tending to a victory garden.

So with that said, James and I have obsessively listened to “Serial” in the following places:  In an airplane, in bed, in the living room, in the car driving places, at our computers during work hours … or maybe that’s just me. At the end of every episode, I scream. I’ve dreamed about Adnan, Jay, and – I’ll admit – the host, Sarah Koenig.IMG_2062.JPGListening to “Serial” on the way home for Thanksgiving, because I could not go a few hours without it.

OK, I know that if you don’t listen, you won’t know who Adnan and Jay are, I won’t bore you with the details. BUT I will tell you that you need to get to know them. And one of them is serving a life prison sentence for a murder he didn’t (or did?) commit, based solely on testimony from the other guy. Oh, and they were just 17 years old when this happened, so it’s riddled with high school drama, and it’s just as addicting as these:

omg all the bsc mysteriesONLY IT’S A TRUE STORY.

I could yammer on about why you need to spend this entire weekend binge-listening to “Serial,” but instead I’ll (hopefully) push you in the right direction by sharing these links:

1. Listen to “Serial” on the podcast’s website.
2. Get super obsessive, spend every waking minute on the “Serial” subeddit.
3. Listen to this Miley Cyrus and “Serial” mashup, scream about it, share with all your friends.
4. Email/tweet/comment/call/text/stalk me immediately so we can work together to solve the crime.

So tell me, are ANY Fancykins readers also “Serial” listeners? And if so, isn’t this meme the funnies thing you’ve ever seen in your life?


I can’t breathe right now.

And you know what else I can’t do? Wait an entire WEEK for the next episode! Gah.


Guest post: Ashlee’s Anti-Bucket list

Quick note from Hollie: On Halloween, I got an email from Ashlee, a reader who said a bunch of nice things when I was having a supremely crabby day at work. Total gem status, you guys. I’m thrilled that she responded to my call for guest bloggers, especially because she also sent in a SUPER CUTE OMG picture of her dog. Squee!

I’m so glad to meet you all. Let me tell you a little about myself and this here post.

My name is Ashlee, and a few years ago, I was the writer behind a private weight loss blog. After a few semesters of school, three jobs, four leases, a couple of mediocre relationships, and countless heartbreaks later, I stopped contributing to my blog. I admit that I let life get the best of me then, but I shaped up and I purchased a new set of rose-colored glasses. Presently I am in a blossoming relationship with my man friend Michael and we live together on the south side of Chicago with our dog Nudo.ashlee header

I like to day drink at Cooper’s Hawk, stuff my face with donuts from Weber’s Bakery, and write hate mail to Pandora about their “back” button having no function – amirite?!

In celebration of the opportunity to guest write for Hollie and simply writing again, I decided to put my thoughts in Comic Sans and compiled a list of things that will be going on my Anti-Bucket list –a list of items I’ll (hopefully) never do or have to do in my life. I wanted to write this mostly because I’ve failed on my bucket list (bullet point #4 was to manage a blog), but also because I really like lists.

Just joking about the Comic Sans, guys. Breathe.ashlee 2

Ashlee’s Anti-Bucket list

1. Get a face tattoo

2. Leave Target with only the items I intended to buy

3. Work the medical tent at Burning Man or Lollapalooza or any other large festival

4. Get eaten by an anaconda (He don’t want none unless you got buns, hun)

5. Listen to a Drake album in its entirety

6. Witness how cheese is made

7. Understand Chicago weather!!

8. Cheer for the White Sox

9. Not cry when Professor Snape dies … it gets me every time.

10. Run a marathon or half marathon (unless it’s this one I saw on Pinterest where a fireman hands you a Tiffany & Co. necklace at the finish line)

11. Understand why Brad chose Angelina

12. Go on a St. Patrick’s Day bar crawl after a night of eating Indian food

13. Teach my mother how to use an iPad (Hi, Mom!)

14. Teach my grandmother how to use a remote control

15. Give myself a Brazilian

16. Get my hair to roll perfectly into a sock bun #flyaways

17. Get stuck in an elevator – too many close calls with this one

18. The cinnamon challenge or any other type of challenge that has to do with me eating something

19. Be a vegan. I’ve tried and its really, really hard

20. Do the Polar Plunge. I get its for charity but umm, no

BONUS: 21. Watch the Bachelor

What are some things on your Anti-Bucket list? And have you actually done any of these? Spill your guts.

Guest post: Snugglin’ up with Life With a Side of Coffee

Hi everyone!

I’m so excited that Hollie is having me guest post today. I love her blog and I’m so excited to meet all of  her lovely readers.

I’m Christine and I blog over at Life With A Side of Coffee. Hollie and I met through Windy City Bloggers and we hit it off right away. Little did either of us know, we’re also both HUGE Britney Spears fans – I can’t wait ’til I go and see her in Vegas soon. (Note from Hollie because I can’t hold it back, I SAW HER IN VEGAS AND I HAD AN OUT-OF-BODY EXPERIENCE.)

britney lifeQueen Britney, via EntertainmentWise

Anyway, since it’s getting super cold out I thought I ‘d put together a list of my top six ways to stay warm.  Here we go!

1. A kick-ass playlist that makes you forget about everything
Believe me, when you’re standing at a bus stop or trying to get from one place to another in -10 degrees, you need a distraction. These songs keep me distracted and in a good mood.

2. Hand warmers
These babies were my best friend in high school for football games and practices. I was a student trainer and had to sit outside in rain, snow, cold, hot…all of it. I never thought I’d use them again, and then I remembered I live in Chicago.

3. Something to look forward to
This might be summer for some people but that’s too far away when you live in Chicago. I mean, it’s only November and we’ve already hit negative degrees! Find small goals to look forward to. For example, I just found out I’m going to Vegas to see Britney in a month. You can believe I’m beyond pumped for that. It also is a welcome thought knowing I’ll be in 70 degree weather soon.

4. Baileys. Coffee and hot chocolate are awesome on their own
I mean, I am a coffee addict. But let’s be real here. Nothing warms you more than a nice shot of some form of alcohol. Keep a bottle of this around in the cold months and you’ll always be warm.

5. Comfort food
There’s a reason we all gain an extra few pounds in the winter – it’s our body’s way of  staying warm. Five pounds is not going to kill you. Treat yourself to an extra large bowl of soup or mac n’ cheese. Considering your body burns a ton of energy to stay warm while you’re outside, I have a feeling it’s all going to cancel each other out.

C:\Users\Christine\Pictures\Blog Pictures\Food\10454463_10153221770419815_4927538611878051685_n.jpg

6. Blankets and snuggles
Grab a soft and cozy blanket, grab your furbaby and plop yourself on the couch. Nothing will warm you more than snuggles with 100 degrees of furry lovin’. I have two furbabies I can cuddle with anytime, and I love them both. LouLou is my aunt’s dog that I currently live with, and Dalles is my dog (who hated me until I moved away) that I can kidnap from my parents and snuggle with. The best is when I get them both!
C:\Users\Christine\Pictures\Blog Pictures\Personal\156067_10153230424039815_6202887301665570580_n.jpg

Thanks again for having me, Hollie! I hope you guys liked my post, make sure to stop by and say hi. You can also follow me at the links below. I’m always posting photos of food and the furbabies on Instagram if you want to see more of them.

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